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Our Doctors

Dr Shahzad Ahmed

Dr Amalan Shanmugam

Dr Tasakena Safayat

Dr Mousumee Naznin

Dr Mahendra Ramavath


 Our Specialists

Dr Amalan Shanmugam (Shan) MBBS, MSc, FACGP, FACRRM & FAChAM  Addiction Specialist

Dr Sasikaran Nalliah (Surgeon)

Dr Ganeshananthan Sabaratnam (Ganesh) - (Obstetrician & Gynaecologist) 


Dr Ahmed received his fellowship of the Royal ACGP in 2012. Dr Ahmed graduated from University of Punjab in 1988. He worked as a General Practitioner in Pakistan up to 1991. Then worked as a General Practitioner in Zambia up to 1993. Worked in South Africa as a General Practitioner in different fields up to 2002. Working in Queensland Australia since 2002 as a General Practitioner. Dr Ahmed is interested in all aspects of medicine with special interest in diabetes, hypertension, maternity and Arthritis.

DR AMALAN SHANMUGAM ( Shan) - MBBS MSC (Community Medicine) FRACGP, FACRRM (Advanced Speciality In Mental Health) DR AMALAN SHANMUGAM ( Shan) - MBBS MSC (Community Medicine) FRACGP, FACRRM (Advanced Speciality In Mental Health)

Dr Amalan Shanmugam (Shan) MBBS, MSc, FACGP, FACRRM & FAChAM


" General Practice and Addiction Medicine has always been my passion because it gives me the opportunity to be a part of your health journey. I believe prevention is better than a cure and am passionate about early detection and treatment. I am a firm believer that every contact with my patients counts. Come join our surgery and help us help you."

Dr Shan is a fellow of Australian College of General Practice and Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine. He also has a fellowship with The Australasian Chapter of Addiction Medicine and is recognized as a specialist in the field of Addiction Medicine.  Furthermore, He is a RACGP accredited medical acupuncturist and honorary senior lecturer at the University of Queensland.

Dr Shan is passionate about treating everyone from babies to seniors. His special interests are Mental Health, Skin and Addiction Medicine. In addition, he is a medical acupuncturist with alternative views and treatment strategies for pain and medical illness management. Dr Shan also enjoys treating chronic illness, children's health, women's health, and skin conditions.

Dr Tasakena Safayat  MBBS & AMC Dr Tasakena Safayat MBBS & AMC
 Graduated from Bangladesh 2005.

Long term experience in Women’s Health including Pregnancy management.

Experienced in Geriatric, Adult Medicine, Chronic Diseases and Mental Health.

Vast experience in Australian Emergency in multiple Hospitals.

Certificate of Training in Initial Management of Emergencies, Deakin University.

Certificate of Inter Professional Trauma and Critical care, Deakin University.

Emergency Skills in Adult and Paediatric Medicine.

Certificate courses in Immunisation, Vaccinations.

Dr Mousumee Naznin  MBBS Dr Mousumee Naznin MBBS
 “Graduated from Bangladesh in 2010. I worked a few years there as GP and as a hospital medical officer.  2018 I started working in Australia as an Emergency registrar, I have received a lot of experience of the Australian medical system.  As an emergency doctor, I seen all kinds of patients including paediatric and Gynaecological cases.

My career objective is to implement my clinical skills in the challenging field and medicine to cure sick community and regain the state of health and well-being. Honesty, sincerity, dedication and hard work is my top agenda . My goal is to ensure the best care to all of my patients by using my experiences. “

Dr Mahendra Ramavath  MBBS & Dip Public Health Dr Mahendra Ramavath MBBS & Dip Public Health
 Dr. Mahendra (Mahi) has been practicing Medicine for a while in India, New Zealand and London and practiced in Hervey Bay Emergency for the last 2 years. Currently working towards his Fellowship. He has special interest in Mental health (Accredited GPMHTP), Chronic Disease Management, Women and Child health and Emergency.

Areas of interest:

Geriatric medicine

Child & Adolescent Health

Geriatric Health

Skin cancer Checks,Skin conditions, Minor skin procedures.

General Family Medicine

Sexual and reproductive health

Women and Child health

Mental health

Minor injury treatment

NURSING  Registered Nurse - Catherine Arellano, Donna Murren EN, Morgan Bradley - EN, Christine Coles, RN

 ACCREDITED GENERAL PRACTICE – The practice achieved full accreditation in December 2016 This means the practice has met standards of quality in the facilities and services it provides. These Standards are designed to ensure high quality care is provided in a safe and well organised way.


APPOINTMENTS – The practice runs an appointment system. Appointments can be made in person or by telephoning the surgery or online . Urgent problems will be dealt with promptly. Patients who have multiple or complicated problems should ask for a long appointment. As it is impossible to tell when emergencies will arise, the doctors sometimes cannot adhere to the appointment schedule. Patients should feel free to contact the surgery prior to appointment to check if things are running on time. We Request that routine appointments are made early and that early notification is given of cancellations. Should you miss your appointment without cancelling, it will be recorded on your records.

OUT OF SURGERY VISITS – If patients feel too ill to attend the surgery they can be visited at home provided that

They are regular patients of the practice. Elderly and frail. They live within 15 kilometres of the surgery.

Home visits are usually done in the evening, after the surgery has closed. Alternative arrangements can be made for urgent matters.

WHEELCHAIR ACCESS – Close access available at the front of the surgery and driveway.

RESULTS OF INVESTIGATIONS – At the time investigations are ordered arrangements will be made for results to be communicated. Patients will be called to come in on the same day if results are urgent.

RECALL AND REMINDER SYSTEM – We have in place a system whereby the patients are notified by mail if they are required to make appointments for overdue pap smears or vaccinations.

NEW PATIENTS – All the doctors believe the first appointment is most crucial in obtaining full medical history, height, weight and urine tests. Each new patient appointment takes at least 10 minutes if not longer.

PATIENTS RECORDS – Patients may sign a medical release form which allows the Practice to obtain their health records from their previous doctors. Patients who wish to have their records available for all G.P.’s and hospital all over Australia will now be able to do so via ehealth record. You will need to register on the website www.ehealth.gov.au and obtain your individual healthcare identifier (IHI) and pass on to your doctor.

AFTER HOURS SERVICE are provided for urgent medical problems. For general medical advice, you may call the GP Helpline on 1800 022 222. We provide 24 hour care. The after hours work is shared with a number of other general practitioners. After hours, the surgery phone (4128 9017) has a recorded message which contains the contact details of the “on call doctor” All the doctors participate in after hours roster.

SCRIPTS – will only be issued by making an appointment for a consultation.

FEES – It must be noted that some services provided by Urangan Medical Centre do not attract a Medicare rebate. Examples of such services are Insurance medicals and pre-employment medicals. You are requested to settle accounts at the time of consultation. Cash, MasterCard, visa card are accepted. Cheques from regular clients will be accepted. Overseas visitors without Medicare cards will be charged $132.00.

TELEPHONE CALLS – The doctors will take telephone calls from regular clients of the practice. However, most calls will need to be returned after the end of the working day, staff to be given some information as to the nature of the inquiry.

Full range of General
  • Acupuncture
  • Antenatal
  • Home Visits
  • Minor Surgery
  • Plaster Casting
  • Counselling
  • Pre-employment medicals
  • Driver’s medicals
  • Immunisation
  • ECG’s
  • Health Assessments
  • Women’s/Men’s Health
  • Reminders for Preventative Care
  • Occupational medicine
  • Cryotherapy
  • Health Education
  • Recalls for abnormal results and checks
  • Insurance medicals
  • Sigmoidoscopy
  • Spirometry
  • Veteran Affairs medicals
  • Nursing home visits
  • Out-of-hours care via roster system
  • Paediatrics

TRANSLATING SERVICES: If you require this service please phone 131450.


Question What is the 10 tips for Safer Health Care?
Answer The 10 tips for Safer Health Care is a booklet that has been designed to assist people to become more actively involved in their own health care.
Question What sort of information does it provide?
Answer It explains how and why things can go wrong and how you can work in partnership with your doctors, nurses and other health care providers to get the best possible care.
It Provides:
  • Tips for improving your health care
  • An outline of what sort of information you can expect from your health care professional
  • Sources of information finding out more about your condition and how to manage your medicines.
  • Information about what you can do if you have concerns about your health care
Question How does this booklet contribute to patient safety?
Answer Improving safety is not just the business of doctors, nurses or other health professionals. No single group can do it on their own. Everyone has a part to play, including patients receiving care. Good health care is best achieved through an active and positive partnership between patient and their health care professionals. Evidence from the Institute of Medicines in the United States also highlights that consumer knowledge and information can reduce the risk of health care incidents.
Question How can I get a copy of the 10 tips for Safer Health Care booklet?
Answer Electronic copies are available on the Council’s website under the Publications link, go to http://safetyandquality.org/index .cfm?page=publications#10tips. You can also phone the Council on (02) 6289 4244 to request a hard copy of the booklet.
Question Is the booklet available in a range of languages?
Answer The Booklet is currently being translated into 15 languages, which will soon be available From the Council.


From time to time the Doctors in the practice invite patients to complete a questionnaire on their views of the practice and how the service could be improved.  These surveys are completely anonymous and confidential.  If problems arise with any aspect of care received at Urangan
Medical Centre we are keen to hear about them.  Patients are encouraged to report any problems to the staff who will then inform/refer the information to the appropriate person.  If major complaints arise there are many avenues through which they may be resolved, including referral to the Health Quality and Complaints Commission 1800 077 308.   Qld Health can be contacted on 3234 0111.


This practice fully respects the privacy of your personal health information and adheres
To requirements of the Privacy Act.  The Practice has an official privacy policy, which is available on request.

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